How to unlock emotional intimacy with husband

I hear many wives mourn the fact that their husbands seem to be emotionally absent in their marriage.  These women crave emotional intimacy and connection, but it’s a missing element in their marriage. What could be the problem?

It could be many things, but there is a common reason for a man’s reluctance to become emotionally intimate.  If a man has attempted to share his feelings, thoughts, or ideas with his wife in the past, and has been ridiculed, criticized, corrected or laughed at, he will likely shut her out emotionally…perhaps for years!

A wife must become a safe place for her husband to share his heart.  The Bible gives a key instruction to wives on this topic in Ephesians 5:33.  The passage says “the wife must respect her husband“.  Ladies, we must show respect to our husbands when they share their hopes, dreams, ideas, thoughts, and concerns.  We don’t have to endorse every idea or plan, but we do need to actually listen attentively, ask gentle questions, avoid criticism and correction, and have a respectful attitude.  Try it, and do this for several months in a row.  I bet you will begin to see a difference in your relationship with your husband.  If you can faithfully do this week after week, you will likely begin enjoying emotional intimacy!

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